Which is the best hotel booking site for the Philippines? We analyzed the most popular online booking sites while comparing price, assortment and number of reviews.

Here our analysis, conclusion and ranking for the best hotel booking sites for the Philippines.

Our ranking for the best hotel booking sites for Philippines

  1. Agoda
  4. Expedia &

Score: 5 = highest / 0 = lowest


Price structure

Compared to other countries, the price comparison was a bit more time consuming. The reason is the weak room assortment of some hotel booking sites. It was therefore more difficult to find hotel rooms which are bookable on all five booking sites.

However, we finally compared prices from ten different hotel rooms. We recognized that the price structure is different compared to other countries. The price deviation on different booking sites for the same hotel room is higher. In other words, if you book a hotel in the Philippines, you can save quite a lot of money while booking at the right online travel agency (OTA).

Here an example based on our analysis for the ten rooms we have chosen. If we book all the rooms on, it costs a total of 1803USD. If we book the same rooms on, we only pay 1590USD. And if we choose always the OTA with the cheapest deal per room, the total is 1511USD. Compared to booking on only, that’s 16% cheaper and saves 292USD.

We further recognized a price difference inside the Booking Holding. Room price between Agoda and differed up to 39%. In six out of ten cases, Agoda’s price was at least 5% lower compared to In other countries, we didn’t see such a high price difference inside the Booking Holding. The room prices offered by Agoda and were nearly similar, i.e. within a 1% range.

In total, had the cheapest price for all the ten hotels analyzed, followed by Agoda and Expedia/ had the highest total.


As just learned, seems to provide very competitive price deals for hotels in the Philippines. However, when it comes to’s hotel portfolio, their assortment is not competitive. For the places analyzed, offered the lowest number of hotels to choose from. Compared to, it was 3 times less hotels.

And we again recognized a difference in the hotel portfolio inside the Booking Holding. For Agoda, we counted around 20% more hotel offers compared to

Expedia and have a slightly higher assortment compared to but much less compared to Agoda and


Based on the amount of reviews, Agoda seems to be the most popular hotel booking site in the Philippines. For we counted the lowest amount of reviews. Expedia, and were on second, third and fourth position. For we counted the lowest amount of reviews.


For hotel bookings in the Philippines, often provides good price deals. However, when it comes to the hotel assortment, Agoda has much a wider range to choose from.

In the Philippines, Agoda has competitive room prices, the highest assortment of hotels and the highest amount of reviews. We therefore clearly rank Agoda on the top for hotel bookings in the Philippines.

Our recommendation for hotel bookings in the Philippines

  1. Check on and choose a hotel
  2. Use a metasearch engine (for example to check whether some better deals are available for this specific hotel

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