Which is the best hotel booking site for Switzerland? We analyzed the most popular online booking sites. To do so, we compared prices, assortments and reviews.

Below the results of the evaluation for Switzerland.

Our ranking for the best hotel booking sites for Switzerland

  2. Expedia
  3. Agoda

Score: 5 = highest / 0 = lowest


Price structure

When comparing the prices, we can clearly recognize the booking site’s ownership. Agoda and both belong to the Booking Holdings. Therefore, their price structure and assortments are nearly identical for the Swiss market. Same situation for Expedia and, these two sites both belong to the Expedia Group. In our analysis, the Expedia Group had a slightly lower total price (4% lower).

For hotel bookings in Switzerland, has an identical price structure to the Booking Holdings. That’s not a surprise since often partners with Out of the 10 hotels analyzed, this was seven times the case. This partnership is not a surprise since Booking Holdings is an investor of the International, Ltd.


When it comes to the assortment of hotels, we see the companies’ ownership again. However, according to our analysis, have provide a clearly higher hotel assortment in Switzerland compared to Expedia/ is ranks in the middle.


If we equal the number of reviews with the popularity of the booking site, we see that is by far the most popular booking site in Switzerland. Anyway, a higher popularity doesn’t mean being better. But what counts for us and what we score at this point: More feedbacks from former guests lead to more accurate overall hotel review.

Besides the popular booking sites, we also included the local into our analysis. However, it seems that the quality of this local hotel booking site can’t catch up with the big players. The hotel assortment is much lower. Further, there is no own hotel guest review setup. Instead, relies on an external review partner (trustyou). On top of that, at the time when doing the analysis, the conversion rate from CHF to USD was wrong on the site. USD prices were shown too high. And even when using a daily conversion rate for CHF to USD, the hotel prices were still significantly higher compared to all the other booking sites.


When having a look at the hard facts we analyzed, the five big players perform similar for hotel bookings in Switzerland. Slightly higher ranked is thanks to a higher assortment and more reviews. However, sometimes better deals can be found with Expedia and

Our recommendation for hotel bookings in Switzerland

  1. Check on and choose a hotel
  2. Use a metasearch engine (for example to check whether some better deals are available for this specific hotel

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