Planning a trip to China? Either for business or for leisure? Maybe Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong or Macau might not be the best destination to fly to from abroad?

Sure, from these cities there are many connection flights and trains to get to your final destination. However, not only does an international flight directly to your final destination save travelling time, it often as well saves you big hassles. Flights in Greater China are often delayed or due to bad weather get even cancelled (e.g. in typhoon season) and train tickets get easily soled out during national holidays.

It doesn’t always have to be Beijing, Macau, Hong Kong or Shanghai

So for example, if you are planning to visit in your three weeks summer vacation the Yunnan Province with it’s beautiful landscapes, indigenous minority groups and historical rural old towns like Dali, Lijiang and Shangri-La why not flying directly from Europe to Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan, instead to Hong Kong, Shanghai or even Beijing?

Or taking off to a short business trip to Chengdu? Why not saving precious travelling time by trying to book an international flight directly to Chengdu? Or, if not available at least fly to close-by Chongqing and jump on a comfortable 1h train ride to Chengdu?

Because … you didn’t know that nowadays many big cities in China do have many international direct flights to many different continents and places all over the globe! Many of these cities you might not even have heard of before … and that is maybe the other reason you didn’t check for any flights to these places in first hand!

Overview of Chinese Cities with International Direct Flights

This is where we thought we could fill that gap of knowledge by providing an overview of all the Chinese cities with all the airlines which are operating international flights to all of these Chinese cities! But, as there are hundreds, if not thousands of international flights from/to China, we were only focusing on INTERCONTINENTAL DIRECT flights!

  1. Scroll through the LIST OF CHINESE CITIES and pick your desired destination. In case you do not find your particular destination in China, try to find the closest Chinese city on the interactive map of China below.
  2. Once selected, push the ‘GO’ button!
  3. The table of result will then show you
    • all the AIRLINES operating such flights,
  4. In case one of these connections suits you go to that particular airline company to check the availability and price.

So, we hope this is all you need to know to make your next travel to China more convenient and enjoyable. For more tips on your travel in China see as well our other blogs such as Traveling in China – Train versus flightBest hotel booking sites for China and The Great Wall of China.

Now, let’s get started!

China airports with intercontinental connections Placeholder
China airports with intercontinental connections

Changsha (CSX)

Direct intercontinental flights to/from Changsha
DestinationAirlineFlight TimeFrequency
Frankfurt (FRA)China Southern12h 15min3x per week
London Heathrow (LHR)Hainan Airline12h3x per week
Los Angeles (LAX)Hainan Airlines12h2x per week
Sydney (SYD)Hainan Airlines10h 10min2x per week
Nairobi (NBO)China Southern11h 40min2x per week

Chengdu (CTU)

Direct intercontinental flights to/from Chengdu
DestinationAirlineFlight TimeFrequency
Paris (CDG)Air China11h 25min3x per week
Frankfurt (FRA)Air China10h 55min3x per week
Madrid (MAD)Beijing Capital Airlines13h 40min2x per week
Amsterdam (AMS)KLM10h 50min4x per week
Prague (PRG)Sichuan Airlines10h 50min2x per week
Helsinki (HEL)Sichuan Airlines9h 10min2x per week
Saint Petersburg (LED)Sichuan Airlines8h 40min2x per week
London Heathrow (LHR)Air China11h 55min3x per week
Budapest (BUT)Shanghai Airlines10h 05min1x per week
Chengdu (CTU)Sichuan Airlines11h 35min3x per week
Moscow (SVO)Sichuan Airlines8h 10min3x per week
Vancouver (YVR)Sichuan Airlines12h20min2x per week
Chicago (ORD)Hainan Airlines14h10min2x per week
San Francisco (SFO)United Airlines12h35min3x per week
Los Angeles (LAX)Hainan Airlines12h50min3x per week
New York (JFK)Hainan Airlines14h55min3x per week
Melbourne (MEL)Sichuan Airlines10h45min2x per week
Sydney (SYD)Air China11minmin3x per week
Auckland (AKL)Sichuan Airlines12h30min3x per week
Addis Ababa (ADD)Ethiopian Airlines10h10min4x per week
Cairo (CAI)Sichuan Airlines10h55min2x per week

Chongqing (CKG)

Direct intercontinental flights to/from Chongqing
DestinationAirlineFlight TimeFrequency
Rome (FCO)Hainan Airline12h2x per week
Moscow (SVO)Tianjin Airlines8h 50min2x per week
London Heathrow (LHR)Tianjin Airlines12h 05min2x per week
Paris (CDG)Hainan Airline11h 30min2x per week
Budapest (BUT)Hainan Airline10h 50min2x per week
Los Angeles (LAX)Hainan Airlines12h 25min2x per week
New York (JFK)Hainan Airlines15h2x per week
Melbourne (MEL)Tianjin Airlines10h 40min3x per week
Sydney (SYD)Sichuan Airlines10h 35min2x per week


Direct intercontinental flights to/from Fuzhou
DestinationAirlineFlight TimeFrequency
Moscow (SVO)Pegas Fly10h 55min1x per week
Paris (CDG)Xiamen Airlines10h 50min3x per week
New York (JFK)Xiamen Airlines14h 40min3x per week
Sydney (SYD)Xiamen Airlines9h 45min3x per week

Guangzhou (CAN)

Direct intercontinental flights to/from Guangzhou
DestinationAirlineFlight TimeFrequency
Paris (CDG)China Southern13h 20mindaily
Amsterdam (AMS)China Southern12h 45mindaily
London Heathrow (LHR)China Southern13hdaily
Helsinki (HEL)Finnair10h 20min4x per week
Frankfurt (FRA)China Southern12h 35min3x per week
Istanbul (IST)Turkish11h 55mindaily
Rome (FCO)China Southern13h3x per week
Moscow (SVO)Aeroflot10h 35mindaily
Moscow (SVO)China Southern10h 35min4x per week
Vancouver (YVR)China Southern11h 20mindaily
San Francisco (SFO)China Southern12h 10mindaily
Los Angeles (LAX)China Southern12h 40mindaily
Toronto (YYZ)China Southern15h 05mindaily
New York (JFK)China Southern15h 40mindaily
Perth (PER)China Southern8h 05min6x per week
Brisbane (BNE)China Southern9h 15mindaily
Sydney (SYD)China Southern9h 15mindaily
Melbourne (MEL)China Southern9h 30mindaily
Adelaide (ADL)China Southern9h 10min5x per week
Auckland (AKL)China Southern11hdaily
Christchurc (CHC)China Southern11h 30mindaily
Cairo (CAI)Egyptair12h 05mindaily
Addis Ababa (ADD)Ethiopian Airlines10h 50mindaily
Nairobi (NBO)China Southern11h 25min2x per week

Guiyang (KWE)

Direct intercontinental flights to/from Guiyang
DestinationAirlineFlight TimeFrequency
Paris (CDG)Hainan Airlines12h 20min1x per week
Melbourne (MEL)Sichuan Airlines10h 30min2x per week

Hangzhou (HGH)

Direct intercontinental flights to/from Hangzhou
DestinationAirlineFlight TimeFrequency
Amsterdam (AMS)KLM12h 10min3x per week
Saint Petersburg (LED)IrAero9h 25min1x per week
Rome (FCO)Air China12h 45min3x per week
Moscow (SVO)Beijing Capital Airlines10h 40min1x per week
Los Angeles (LAX)Sichuan Airlines11h 50min3x per week
Melbourne (MEL)Xiamen Airlines10h 30min2x per week
Sydney (SYD)China Eastern11h3x per week
Cairo (CAI)Egyptair12h 10min3x per week

Jinan (TNA)

Direct intercontinental flights to/from Jinan
DestinationAirlineFlight TimeFrequency
Helsinki (HEL)Tibet Airlines9h 50min2x per week
Moscow (SVO)Pegasus Fly8h 55min1x per week
Los Angeles (LAX) Sichuan Airlines12h 20min3x per week

Kunming (KMG)

Direct intercontinental flights to/from Kunming
DestinationAirlineFlight TimeFrequency
Paris (CDG)China Eastern12h 05min3x per week
Sydney (SYD)China Eastern10h 55min3x per week

Nanjing (NKG)

Direct intercontinental flights to/from Nanjing
DestinationAirlineFlight TimeFrequency
Helsinki (HEL)Finnair9h 55min3x per week
Frankfurt (FRA)Lufthansa12h 05min5x per week
Milano (MXP)Neos11h 50min2x per week
Los Angeles (LAX)China Eastern12h 05min3x per week
Sydney (SYD)China Eastern11h3x per week

Qingdao (TAO)

Direct intercontinental flights to/from Qingdao
DestinationAirlineFlight TimeFrequency
Frankfurt (FRA)Lufthansa11h 45min3x per week
London Heathrow (LHR)Beijing Capital Airlines12h 35min3x per week
Paris (CDG)China Eastern12h 10min3x per week
Moscow (SVO)Beijing Capital Airlines9h 55min2x per week
Vancouver (YVR)Beijing Capital Airlines10h 40min3x per week
San Francisco (SFO)China Eastern12h3x per week
Los Angeles (LAX)Xiamen Airlines11h 35min3x per week
Sydney (SYD)Beijing Capital Airlines11h 25min3x per week
Melbourne (MEL)Beijing Capital Airlines12h3x per week

Sanya (SYX)

Direct intercontinental flights to/from Sanya
DestinationAirlineFlight TimeFrequency
Kyiv (KBP)Ukraine Airlines10h 40min2x per week
London Heathrow (LHR)China Southern13h 10min2x per week
Saint Petersburg (LED)Azur Air11h 20min2x per week
Moscow (SVO)Azur Air11h3x per week

Shenyang (SHE)

Direct intercontinental flights to/from Shenyang
DestinationAirlineFlight TimeFrequency
Frankfurt (FRA)Lufthansa11h 20min3x per week
Vancouver (YVR)Sichuan Airlines9h 50min1x per week
Los Angeles (LAX)China Southern11h 40min3x per week

Shenzhen (SZX)

Direct intercontinental flights to/from Shenzhen
DestinationAirlineFlight TimeFrequency
Frankfurt (FRA)Air China11h 40min3x per week
London Heathrow (LHR)Shenzhen Airlines13h 30min5x per week
Brussels (BRU)Hainan Airlines12h 50min3x per week
Paris (CDG)Hainan Airlines13h3x per week
Zurich (ZRH)Hainan Airlines12h 25min2x per week
Madrid (MAD)Hainan Airlines14h2x per week
Vienna (VIE)Hainan Airlines11h 50min2x per week
Rome (FCO)Hainan Airlines12h 40min2x per week
Moscow (SVO)China Southern10h 25min4x per week
Los Angeles (LAX)Air China12h 45min3x per week
Vancouver (YVR)Hainan Airlines12h 30min2x per week
Darwin (DRW)Donghai Airlines5h 55min3x per week
Melbourne (MEL)China Southern9h 20min3x per week
Sydney (SYD)China Southern9h 35min3x per week
Brisbane (BNE)Hainan Airlines8h 55min2x per week
Cairns (CNS)Hainan Airlines7h 25min2x per week
Auckland (AKL)Hainan Airlines11h 25min3x per week
Johannesburg (JNB)Air China12h 50min3x per week

Urumqi (URC)

Direct intercontinental flights to/from Urumqi
DestinationAirlineFlight TimeFrequency
Istanbul (IST)China Southern9h 25min3x per week
Vienna (VIE)China Southern7h3x per week
Moscow (SVO)China Southern6h 20min4x per week
Saint Petersburg (LED)China Southern6h 15min4x per week

Wuhan (WUH)

Direct intercontinental flights to/from Wuhan
DestinationAirlineFlight TimeFrequency
Paris (CDG)Air France12h 25min6x per week
Rome (CTU)China Southern12h 15min5x per week
London Heathrow (LHR)China Southern12h 15min5x per week
London Gatwick (LGW)China Southern11h 30min3x per week
Moscow (SVO)China Southern9h 35min3x per week
San Francisco (SFO)China Southern11h 45min3x per week
Sydney (SYD)China Eastern10h 25min3x per week

Xiamen (XMN)

Direct intercontinental flights to/from Xiamen
DestinationAirlineFlight TimeFrequency
Amsterdam (AMS)KLM12h 30min3x per week
Amsterdam (AMS)Xiamen Airlines12h 30min3x per week
Vancouver (YVR)Xiamen Airlines11h 20min3x per week
Los Angeles (LAX)Xiamen Airlines12h3x per week
Sydney (SYD)Xiamen Airlines9h 15min4x per week
Melbourne (MEL)Xiamen Airlines9h 30min3x per week

Xian (XIY)

Direct intercontinental flights to/from Xian
DestinationAirlineFlight TimeFrequency
Helsinki (HEL)Finnair8h 40min3x per week
Paris (CDG)Hainan Airlines10h 40min2x per week
Rome (FCO)Hainan Airlines11h 55min2x per week
London Heathrow (LHR)Tianjin Airlines10h 55min3x per week
Prague (PRG)China Eastern10h2x per week
Budapest (BUD)Shanghai Airlines10h 50min2x per week
Madrid (MAD)China Eastern12h 55min2x per week
Lisbon (LIS)Beijing Capital Airlines14h 30min3x per week
Istanbul (IST)Turkish10h 35min6x per week
Moscow (SVO)China Eastern8h 25min3x per week
Saint Petersburg (LED)China Eastern8h 25min2x per week
Los Angeles (LAX)Hainan Airlines12h 50min2x per week

Zhengzhou (CGO)

Direct intercontinental flights to/from Zhengzhou
DestinationAirlineFlight TimeFrequency
London Heathrow (LHR)China Southern11h 10min2x per week
Sydney (SYD)Tianjin Airlines11h 10min2x per week

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